Three Most Common Issues You Must Avoid in Your Home Building Project

23 August 2021

When engaging a home builder company to build a new home or renovate your current residence, you want to locate a team of experienced, professional designers and builders who will meet and even exceed your expectations. You also want to hire a company that provides top-rated contractors, builders and craftsmen who will incorporate the latest developments in building methods and materials when designing and constructing the new home of your dreams.

When you choose builders who stay updated on new innovations in planning and constructing new homes or renovating older ones, you can be assured that they will also work with suppliers who offer superior quality materials, construction equipment and methodology for completing your home building or refurbishing project. The best contractors will also use green building materials, equipment and procedures, when requested.

Three Most Common Issues You Must Avoid in Your Home Building Project

For completion of successful home building or renovating projects, every homeowner must be careful to avoid certain top construction dilemmas, such as signing a project contract that is missing necessary items like the following:

Vague Contract for Materials, Labour and Installation

It is essential to make sure that your building team offers you a contract that includes all the important materials, construction work, installation and finishing procedures for completing your home building or renovations project. Estimated costs for these aspects of the project should also be clear in your contract. If specialised equipment or skilled labour is needed for finishing vaulted ceilings or installing a heavy skylight, this should be detailed in your builder contract.

Inaccurate Working Timeline

Your home builder contract must also include a working timeline for each phase of building or refurbishing needed. Of course, some aspects of the project may be finished ahead of schedule while others require some additional time. For example, installing the kitchen and bathroom floor tiling may take less time than expected. However, there may be a delay in delivery of the natural stone to construct your living room fireplace or to install your kitchen benchtop. Even with delays, your building company contractor should be able to provide you with a reasonably accurate timeline for completing your project.

Incomplete Cost Estimate

Be sure that your building or renovations project contract includes a total cost estimate for all the work to be done. It is important to have a listing of estimated costs for individual materials, equipment and building methods used as well as labour and other expenses, including a building permit from your local municipality. However, you need to have a contract that also lists an estimated total cost for all the materials, construction equipment and procedures, labour and other fees that will be necessary to complete your home builder.

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