Spruce Up Your Kitchen with the Right Flooring Selection

13 December 2022

When arranging for a new kitchen makeover or remodelling, it’s simple to assume that your appliances and furniture will take centre stage. Working with our interior designers to construct your new kitchen space would be your favourite part of the process, down to choosing the tiles for your splashbacks. But many of our customers might be surprised to learn that we give material selection for their kitchen flooring a lot of thought. Since most people are trying to add an exciting and highly visible addition to their kitchen spaces, such as a new island bench, this is a component of any kitchen that is easily ignored.

However, working with our team at Michael Worth, you’ll quickly understand how important it is to choose the right material for your kitchen floors, particularly if you want to cut down on any long-term expenditures associated with maintaining your kitchen spaces. You can see how we think in terms of balancing form and function when you meet with our team of interior designers and builders, especially when the task is assisting you in designing the ideal kitchen area that you can both envision and afford.

Considering Both Function and Aesthetics

It’s a straightforward idea: the areas of a home where people spend most of their daily time are the kitchen and the bathroom. It is a particularly crucial factor to consider when it comes to a family of occupants. Wouldn’t this logically lead to more thought being given to the kind of materials selected for a kitchen floor?

As a leading expert in kitchen renovation, Michael Worth is always prepared to share our knowledge and expertise when advising on the best materials for a long-lasting kitchen floor. In addition to long-term durability, we advise starting your kitchen renovation from scratch. Making thoughtful decisions about the materials used for your kitchen floor will make it easier to decide on other items to unify the rest of your kitchen as a theme.

Understanding Your Needs Is the First Step in Material Selection

Will you choose a modern or natural theme? It is just one of the more frequent questions from our clients that we encounter. Again, when building or remodelling your kitchen, starting from scratch will help you establish a consistent theme for the remainder of the space. We usually hear a variety of preferences for the following when it comes to choosing the best materials for your kitchen floors:

  • Vinyl flooring
  • Engineered Hardwood
  • Travertine

Each option will offer a reasonable amount of durability, with some thought given to being resistant to scuff marks generated by footwear or regular foot traffic, depending on your aesthetic preferences. No matter your unique requirements, our Michael Worth team is always prepared to make recommendations that take long-term durability into account.

When it comes to assisting our clients in making their envisioned remodelling ideas a reality, we bring many years of experience and understanding to the process. One of the reasons we’ve been able to offer a dependable remodelling service that our clients have been glad to suggest is that we’ve taken this “from the ground-up” approach. Whatever the details of your upcoming remodelling project, our services can undoubtedly make it happen. Contact us with any questions you may have.

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