Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Your Next Home Extension Project

27 September 2022

There are various kinds of outdoor and open spaces, each with its advantages and disadvantages. A well-designed room with eye-catching features can satisfy both your practical and aesthetic needs.

Below are some outdoor living space ideas for your next home extension project so you can take a well-earned break from interiors.

Elevated Deck

An elevated deck provides an outdoor living area that combines a patio with an open deck. Its clever construction creates room for the shaded seating area below. Your outside space is provided by a raised deck while taking up little room. The fact that you may select between a shaded and an exposed seating area is the finest feature. You can utilise either location completely depending on the weather and your needs. Decorate it with a cosy sofa and potted plants for optimal comfort and beauty.


A basic, open space known as a patio serves as a hardscape for grass. These areas are ideal for dining outside and come in various materials, from basic paving blocks to luxurious concrete. It usually serves as an extension of your living area and can be decorated to match the interior. Take advantage of this area to unwind, organise a small group, or indulge in the grilled fare.


The sundeck is a covered outdoor area that can be built on the ground or even elevated. This area, made of deck boards, gives you a place to relax in the sun. The ideal place to organise enjoyable social gatherings or picnics is on a sundeck. A themed lounge chair and coffee table are all it takes to provide a nice sundeck to keep you warm and comfy.

Deck and Screened Porch

Don’t we all enjoy relaxing on our decks and long for the warmth of a screened porch? What about a venue that combines the two? This is the ideal outside space concept. It provides two separate zones for maximum functionality, great aesthetic value, and comfort. The two have a seamless relationship when they are created in tandem.

Deck with Partial or Full Porch Roof

You don’t want to be outside but don’t want to stay inside. Not to worry! All you need is a deck with a partial or full porch roof. The outdoor area is the ideal interior and exterior crossing point. The partially open area welcomes maximum sunshine and is ideal for a fun evening because it provides the same level of comfort as inside. These can be utilised for informal conversation with your guests or open eating.


An expansion of what is contained within the walls is a garden. A garden or backyard exudes a vibrant, vivacious, enjoyable, and relaxed atmosphere. This area has great potential to become the zone you want. The appropriate landscaping selection and design can fulfil your desires for formal or social settings. To create a gorgeous garden for your home, you need grass, lovely flowers, and table and chair sets.


You might think of balconies as your outdoor retreats. You can find quiet, tranquilly, and freshness in this place. Balconies can be decorated in countless ways. These are your go-to happy places, whether you turn them into a little gardening area with plants or a place to sit and read your favourite book. The bare minimum needed to create a cosy balcony is a lovely seat, a couple of modest pots, and a tiny coffee table. It is one of the concepts for a covered outdoor living area.

Now that we are aware of everything that makes up your home’s exterior spaces, you can get in touch with a trusted builder like Michael Worth Projects to get your outdoor living space construction started.

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