Nick & Julie

20 August 2020

We were first introduced to Michael Worth when faced with the challenge of renovating a heritage listed, single fronted terrace house on a very deep but narrow block.  Michael produced multiple floor plan options to consider, with very different footprints, each with its own individual attractions.  Ultimately we pursued a single storey floor plan incorporating free flowing indoor-outdoor living.  Beyond his ability to be creative with a floor plan, Michael was great at thinking of all the little things that matter throughout a house, such as incorporating extra storage in otherwise unused spaces, maximising the capture of sunlight and breezes, and guiding the choice of materials for acoustics, comfort or durability.

When working with Michael, you know he is going to be imaginative but practical.  He wants to create something that is unique for his clients while always being conscious that everyone has their own budget to work with.

Given how pleased we were with our renovation (mostly a rebuild really), we engaged Michael a second time to design a large home, this time on a large and steep block of land, for our growing family.  We described the concept and wish list we had but left it to Michael to develop the look of the house as well as the floor plan that would meet our needs.  Once again he did a wonderful job of creating a timeless style for the exterior and an incredibly practical floor plan that still had room for some unexpected extras.

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