Melbourne’s Top Builder Contractor: Why Choose Michael Worth Projects?

08 September 2020

With over 35 years’ history working in the design and building industry, Michael Worth Projects pride upon its experience that is both extensive and diverse. The knowledge of all aspects of the design and documentation process is second to none, and the broad range of projects he has been involved with over this time means he will be well qualified to assist with all manner of design work, both residential and commercial, large or small, inner-city or regional, renovation or new build. Aside from being Melbourne’s Top Builder Contractor, below are other reasons why you should choose Michael Worth Projects.

Quality Assistance

Michael is able to assist with all the stages of any design or build. Michael’s ultimate aim with any design is to help every client achieve what they are hoping for with their project and give them a home that they will love living in. Michael will confidently guide you through any town planning issues at your project and provide reliable town planning documentation should it be required, He can then skilfully assist you with all building permit documentation as well as décor and design detailing. With years of design experience including hospitality and retail projects, joinery design and detailing is a particular area where Michael excels.

Hands-On Approach

Michael is then directly involved with each step of the project from initial site measure, the preliminary design stages through to the design development of the final design including plans and elevations. His hands-on approach starts with carefully listening to his client’s needs and hopes for their project and establishing a detailed design brief for them. Should town planning documentation be required Michael is highly experienced in this area. All building permit documentation can be provided and décor and design detailing are also areas Michael can assist with.  With many years of commercial design including restaurants and retail design, joinery design and detail is an area in which Michael is particularly skilled.

You can expect a unique outcome based on your individual preferences, briefing summary, site orientation and landscape conditions as well as your budget guidelines. He is familiar with all building codes and industry regulations and keeps abreast of any legislative changes in planning or building codes in all municipalities.

Sustainable Methods

Michael’s designs are always intended to be considerate of their environment and having completed extra studies in sustainable design and construction, Michael aims to give his clients homes that are cost-effective to build as well as to live in. Always designing to meet his clients brief this includes close attention to budget and Michael always has cost-effective design solutions in mind. Michael pays special attention to orientation and aspect, thus, maximising passive solar benefits and minimising heating and cooling costs.

High Qualifications and Varied Service Areas

Michael is experienced and knowledgeable but very approachable and willing to listen to the individual needs of each client and each separate project. You can be confident in his methods and processes at each step of your project. With such a wealth of knowledge and experience, Michael is ideally qualified to help you get your design project started. He can steer you through what can seem a daunting task and can advise you from the very early stages of your project when perhaps you just don’t know where to start.

With projects all over Melbourne, both large and small, as well as homes in regional and rural Victoria including the Mornington Peninsula and Macedon Ranges, Michael is familiar with all building regulations and keeps abreast of any legislative changes in planning or building codes in all municipalities.

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