Increase Your Property’s Value with a Home Extension from Michael Worth Projects

13 April 2021

Nothing beats the pure bliss of being able to purchase your own property. However, there is an even better satisfaction on being able to redecorate and refurnish it as you see its transformation into a really beautiful home with an added value upon reselling. That is why it is important to take note of the several home extension suggestions that would significantly increase the value of your home with just minimal modifications in the said property.

Loft Conversion

One ideal home extension idea is the loft conversion. The loft, otherwise known as attic, is located directly under the roof and is usually accessed by a ladder. Lofts in every household vary in sise and purpose so its modification can either be a storage space, extra bedroom, second-living room or an entertainment space. However, the most useful idea would be to turn it into a room with an en suite bathroom.

Once done, the said renovation could add 15 to 22 percent increase in your property’s value. However, there are different approaches as to how the home extension could be renovated. One option would be the roof light conversion. It is the most cost-effective approach since it does not require much work. Mansard conversion, however, is a more complex one since it replaces the slopes of the roof making it flat with steeper sides. Such requires a planning permission.

A Deck or Terrace

Another great addition to any beautiful home is a deck or a terrace. Decks offer a certain air of relaxation in a home that makes it more appealing in today’s market. Aside from that, decks offer the perfect mishmash of indoor and outdoor vibe ideal for dining and entertaining with the family members. Homeowners claim that 65-90 percent of their expenses were recuperated when they installed a deck.

However, the cost of building one still varies due to several factors including – sise, bells and whistles, built-in seating, multiple stairs, and built-in flower pots. Design and materials used are also important in determining the cost of the deck.

Granny Flat

You can never go wrong with a granny flat. A granny flat can either create additional income for the family or it can be utilised as an extra space for the family. Known as a self-contained living area within the grounds of a single-family home, a granny flat can also be rented by tenants or temporary dwellers, thus, increasing the property value significantly.

A Second Floor

Out of all home extensions, adding another storey fares well with 30-60 percent increase in the value of the property. The appeal of second story homes in the market comes with additional bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces and the potential of breathtaking views. If self-contained, it could serve as an additional point of income, with a similar purpose to that of a ‘Granny flat’.

Remodelled Kitchen

The kitchen is perceived to be the heart of the home. As such, it is important to make it appear as pleasant as possible without overdoing it. Consider using low-VOC paint to make your kitchen more eco-friendly, and helps your family avoid breathing in dangerous chemicals. Also use energy efficient appliances that are proven as money and energy saving models.

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