Different Homes Styles and What Suits Your Taste This Year 2023

20 January 2023

The residential landscape of Australia is made up of a broad array of architectural styles that have been created over many centuries with various influences. The country’s architectural style is continually changing, from the traditional Victorian homes of Melbourne to Art Deco accents and European influences. Still, it also significantly impacts the asking price of your home when it’s time to sell. With so many variants and property designs, figuring out a home’s architecture and further figuring out what era it was built in is no easy feat, and if you can’t figure it out, you can’t duplicate it!

We’ve put together a list of samples so you can determine what home style you prefer by better understanding the various aspects present in popular home styles in 2023. Once you’ve decided on the ideal home, Michael Worth may work with you to design and build it for you.


If you’re considering a coastal-themed interior design for your house, you definitely mean Hamptons-style. Due to its timeless appeal and capacity to foster a laid-back atmosphere without sacrificing aesthetic qualities, this type of home is growing in popularity. Homes built in the Hampton style are straightforward but sophisticated. A high-pitched roof with a gable, wraparound balconies, timber pillars, and stonework are among their shared elements.


You’ve probably seen this traditional exterior somewhere if you’ve paid attention to the architectural designs of homes in the Melbourne area. This architectural design was popular throughout Queen Victoria’s reign (1837–1901), but as the state’s wealth grew, it became more luxurious. The Victorian homes we are familiar with today feature elaborate Italianate elements, a decorated brick façade, arches, elegant ironwork on the balcony, and beautiful brick and rendering. You can distinguish traditional Victorian homes through patterned tiling in their verandas and entranceways.


Homes built in the Provincial style are unmatched for their enduring elegance and magnificent grandeur, having been inspired by the South of France. Provincial houses typically have a steep roof pitch, hardwood windows, and a brick or stone façade. The spacious interior of Provincial homes would typically have a kitchen with an oversized island bench, intricate cabinetry, and flooring defined by parquetry, making it ideal for entertaining.


Period-style homes sometimes referred to as historical or country-style homes, are typically constructed before World War Two that exhibit a particular era’s architectural style, such as California bungalows, Federation architecture, or colonial architecture. Each of these home designs contains distinctive design elements that make them unique to their time but still have the appeal of “the now,” such as stained glass and unusual window shapes in addition to fretworks and colours.


Consider modern homes as those that are built based on current trends or architectural styles. Clean lines, open floor plans, neutral colours, and natural materials characterise these houses, while the architecture is still very straightforward. Contemporary design frequently emphasises sustainability, with buyers favouring eco-friendly homes with little negative environmental impact. Look for solar panels, smart technology, huge windows, recycled materials, or natural elements, which are frequently essential components of contemporary builds, to recognise this home style.

Whatever style you choose, know that our team at Michael Worth can build it for you. With the increasing popularity of green homes, we have the best sustainable options that can make your dream home come true and help the environment at the same time. Contact us today to get started!

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