5 New Ideas to Consider When Building Your Custom Home in Melbourne

12 October 2020

The beginning period of building your custom home is one of the best parts of the entire undertaking. Planning the highlights, deciding on what your needs are, and putting everything together with your contractor can be upsetting, however incredibly rewarding and fun. In any case, if you are stuck for ideas, or need a touch of inspiration, below are five new ideas to consider when building your custom home in Melbourne.

Your Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most significant rooms of the home, and is certainly one of the main selling highlights when deciding to sell your home. In the event that you are going to rampage spending on only one room, consider splurging here. Not only for future use but also for current functionality.

A Finished Basement

With a finished cellar you can utilise the space for a plenty of various capacities; an additional living space, a different suite, a den, a visitor room, a man-cavern, or anything else you can think of. In addition, a finished storm cellar will increase the home’s estimation altogether if or when you choose to sell.

Custom Bar Space

On the off chance that you appreciate entertaining have having visitors over, consider having a custom bar space in your custom home. You can include highlights, for example, wine racks, a different stone countertop with a profound sink, retires and lighting to show jugs and glasses, and then some.

A Unique Staircase

A novel flight of stairs can change an ordinary custom home into a show-stopper. Regardless of whether you are going for a sumptuous, rich look and feel or a stylish, more current home look, a special flight of stairs can be an eye catching element. Various materials, for example, glass, different metals and wood can be utilised, and you can make a genuinely special look. As your contractor or modeller to give you a few models or ideas of what he/she can do.

Custom Media Room

Numerous individuals love watching motion pictures or binge-watching their preferred TV arrangement on Netflix or HBO. In the event that this is you, consider having a custom media room or home performance centre in your new home. Work with your contractor to plan your ideal, agreeable home venue with media seats, encompass sound, extra large television or projector screen and even a cooler and food zone for simple admittance to snacks!

Building a custom home is incredibly rewarding. In addition to the fact that you get precisely what you need toward the day’s end, however your home will stream how you need it to, you will have the space you generally needed, and everything will be customised to your family.


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