Sustainable Home Design and Construction Ideas for New Homes in Melbourne

29 September 2020

It is one of the latest requirements in home design and construction industry to consider sustainability in every project. A sustainable home design and construction not only benefits the environment, it also helps save money, effort and time in the long run for homeowners, designers and contractors. Below are sustainable home design and construction ideas for new homes in Melbourne.

Sustainable Home Design and Construction Basics

Sustainable homes are particularly those with a low carbon footprint, and are one of the most popular and necessary home design trends for the future. In creating sustainable homes, it is important to have a harmonious holistic design that respects the environment, and that makes good financial sense. Generally speaking, sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainable design tries to lessen negative effects on the earth, and the wellbeing and comfort of building tenants, in this manner improving building performance. The essential targets of sustainability are to lessen utilisation of non-renewable assets, minimise squander, and make sound, profitable conditions.

Among the most sustainable design measures are the following.

Stable and Appropriated Landscaping

It is important to have streamlined site potential through adjusted building inclusion and nursery space for indigenous and dry season with open minded vegetation planting. This is done in order to help with stabilising the existing common habitats and contributing to carbon assimilation.

Renewable Energy Sources

Minimise non-renewable energy utilisation by providing solar electrical force, solar heated water framework, rain water assortment and comparative frameworks. You can also use earth ideal items with low or under zero carbon impression that requires the minimum upkeep in the brutal Australian atmosphere, for example, overseen forest lumbers, reused materials, and so on.

Natural Indoor Quality

You can upgrade indoor natural quality using high insulation esteems in outer texture of the building. Among these are latent air control using cross stream design, air convection, sunlight based direction, detached vitality control, and designed shading to help control vitality preservation. You should also enhance operational and maintenance works on using aloof principles, and minimise the utilisation of VOC materials and toxins.

Consult Michael Worth Project for a sustainable home design and construction. Michael’s designs are always intended to be considerate of their environment and having completed extra studies in sustainable design and construction, Michael aims to give his clients homes that are cost-effective to build as well as to live in. Always designing to meet his clients brief this includes close attention to budget and Michael always has cost-effective design solutions in mind. Michael pays special attention to orientation and aspect, thus, maximising passive solar benefits and minimising heating and cooling costs.

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