Four Primary Components of a Green Building

10 June 2022

Green buildings have been constantly promoted by environmental advocates in recent years to reduce the devastating effects of climate change. Integrating environmentally friendly ways of building constructions has a significant impact both on the environment and on your building. Green building has primary components like energy efficiency and renewable energy, water efficiency, environmentally preferable building materials and specifications, and waste reduction. To have an in-depth understanding of these components, here are the four primary components of a green building.

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Green building translates to energy efficiency and renewable energy. All sustainable building projects always start with the basic step of incorporating energy-efficient equipment systems. From installing solar panels to having efficient heating and cooling systems, both help in lowering your energy consumption as well as lowering your utility bills.

Water Efficiency

Water efficiency is also as important as the other components of green building. Water conservation is also an essential aspect of constructing a sustainable building and achieving as much energy efficiency as possible. Utilising an extended piping network to provide heat to your living space is also an energy-saving strategy. Using energy water-saving equipment can greatly contribute to the building’s water efficiency.

Environmentally Preferable Building Materials and Specifications

Green building is also about using environmentally preferable building materials and specifications. It is one of the primary components of green building that should be done right to mitigate the use of materials that are made from toxic substances that can greatly contribute to indoor air quality issues.

Waste Reduction

Reducing waste is also one of the primary components of achieving a sustainable building. The best method to use to promote waste reduction during construction and demolition is the reduce, reuse, and recycle method. Given the huge waste that construction and demolition can produce, it is very important for building constructors to design an effective way to reduce waste and find a way how to make use of recyclable materials.

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